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I'm The Darker Side Of White

"Who am I you ask? I am the one you see once the ice grips you and you end too weak to fight back any longer. I am the one who listens. Tell me your stories, ask your questions. I may not have all of the answers, but I know what you'll ask. Just like everyone else. Just like me. So, dead or living, that is on the off chance you can see me, come and ask a question."
Mar 6 '13

Well. Yup. ( mischiefandfuntimes )

Jack had a question for Frostbite that he needed answered, So he casually opened the door to her bedroom and-


”Oh, oh god, um..” Jack covered his mouth with a hand, a deep blush visible now across his face. ”I..I’m so sorry. I’ll just..” He pointed down the hallway, starting to back out of the room. ”I’ll just..bye”



She didn’t even notice the door open until she heard his voice, and she could have sworn, well she did but that’s beside the point, that her face had never warmed up so quickly or so brightly before.
Just her luck that the first time she ever even did such a thing she would be caught right in the middle of the act.
By her best friend none the less.

But.. she couldn’t help but notice he was, backing out. Not just turning around and running. But backing away, eyes locked on her.

Building up all of her courage she managed to say a barely loud enough, “wait.. Jack..” her face dark with the blush.